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Electric Hydraulic Lift 3000 – Automotive

Maximum load capacity 3000 kg
Installed power 2 levels 4 kW
Maximum hydraulic pressure 120 bar
Lifting/lowering speed to 150 mm/sec
Dimensions as per specifications
Length 5500 to 6000 mm
Width 3000 mm
Height in a folded position 300 – 500 mm
Depth of the hole underneath the machine 0 to 500 mm
Lifting height to 7000 mm
2  levels
Power supply 380v/50Hz
24v operating voltage

1.Smooth start and stop

2.Two speeds of movement

3.Emergency locking during loading/unloading

4.Smooth movement regardless of the position of the load on the platform

5.Hydraulic overload protection

6.Electrical motor overload protection

7.Mechanical protection against rope breakage

8.All parts and aggregates of the lift are manufactured in Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, and Japan

9.Prohibition of movement with open doors

10.Prohibition of opening doors when the platform is not on the same floor

11.Prohibition of platform movement when the car is not properly positioned on the platform

12.Light indication for proper positioning of the car on the platform

13.Light indication for platform movement

14.Light indication for platform location on floors

15.Possibility of adjusting the platform movement speed within 0 – 15 mm/s

16.Manual control of the platform

17.Combining garage door control in one remote control

18.Floor-checkered steel

19.4 master remote controls

20.Hydraulic station with frequency controlHydraulic station with frequency control

21.Automatic positioning at zero level

22.Synchronization of doors and platform

23.Powder-coated metal surfaces of the machine

24.Garage doors to the lift – from two to four doors.

The Electric Hydraulic Lift 3000 complies with:

  • Regulation on Essential Requirements and Conformity Assessment of Machinery – Council of Ministers Decree No.
  • BDS EN 1493:2010 – Vehicle lifts;
  • BDS EN 60204-1:2006 – Safety of machinery. Electrical equipment of machines. Part 1: General requirements (IEC 60204-1:2006, with amendments)
  • BDS EN ISO 4413:2011 – Safety of machinery. Hydraulic and pneumatic systems and their components – Requirements for safety and reliability. Hydraulics.
  • BDS EN ISO 12100-2:2011 – Safety of machinery. Basic concepts, general principles for design/development. Part 2: Technical principles (ISO 12100-2:2011)

“I declare that I am aware of the responsibility that I bear under Article 313 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Bulgaria.”


Eng. Stoyan Radulov

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